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Words from Charles R Anderson, Founder, Imagine Recording Studios


Welcome, I’m Chuck Anderson, and I am thrilled to present to you: Imagine Recording Studios—a multi-tiered professional recording studio, designed for musical artists to achieve their highest creative vision.

Music has been my lifelong passion. I’ve spent many decades as a successful Businessman & Entrepreneur in the WNY area; and through it all, a love for music has always lived at the heart of my endeavors. I also have had a rich and long-time history in the music industry…

Let’s take a walk back in time….

My love for music began to flourish when I was in my teen years, and found my creative outlet through playing, performing, and writing music. I later became a member of several bands, one of which– The Mood– gained great popularity in the WNY area, with rhythm guitarist, Jim Ralston, eventually leaving to join Tina Turner’s band. We had some talent!

In the late 1980s, I decided to give my musical passion a place to thrive, and built my first recording studio. This was a makeshift endeavor that originated with a 4-track tape machine and a couple of microphones, set-up in the attic of a building I owned on Hertel Ave in Buffalo. Simple as it was, it did the job, and soon became a magnet for other musicians to gather, share, and create.

After a full year of hopping activity—I realized it was time to grow bigger. So I launched a new studio on the entire first floor of the Hertel Ave building. I named the studio “ARS”–you guessed it–Anderson Recording Studios. Now we upgraded the studio with enhanced equipment: a 12-channel Studio recorder, more mics, reverbs and other audio technology. The local recording studio soon attracted some prominent musicians, such as renowned local Composer Kenneth Kaufman, who utilized the space to compose and record the soundtrack for a Fred Kellner movie shot in Buffalo. The movie—titled “My Dark Lady”—didn’t get rave reviews… yet the musical score- did! That was when I realized I had something of value. And so, it was time to expand again. Fascinating to witness the evolution of a passion…


I then purchased a bigger and better building on Military Rd in Black Rock. After several months of extensive re-design and building, a new recording studio was born. Audio Magic. True to its name, the studio became a booming creative space of music and making magic! It was now outfitted with high-end equipment – many mics, reverbs, compressors, and a 16-track Otari recorder. The success of Audio Magic soon demanded another expansion. So we unleashed our music-making magic and decided to build out the entire rear of the building.

With the collaboration of a brilliant Team, we lifted Audio Magic to a roaring success – one of the all-time favorite spots in Buffalo for artists to come and craft their musical visions. It was a bustling place with full 24 track recording gear, a great console and equipment. It was a hub of passion and creativity. We drew some top Performers in the WNY area – including Ani DiFranco, Gary Mallaber (drummer and percussionist for Steve Miller Band, Van Morrison, and more), the Kenny Rogers Band, Bobby Militello, Rick Strauss, Grammy Award Winner Jerome Farrell, Robby Takac, and more. We also became the hot-spot for commercial advertising projects (who can forget the jingle ‘Tops Never Stops”?) The Studio thrived under myself and my team for the next 6 years….

At this point in time, I was immersed in family life, and my other businesses were rapidly growing: American Industrial Auctioneering Corp, Anderson Appraisal Co., and a commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm. Not wanting the studio to be neglected, I made the decision to transfer ownership, while I still retained the property and the “Audio Magic” name. For the next 20-some years, Audio Magic continued to function under new ownership and management.

Although I was no longer running the Studio, I never forgot my passion for music; and my love of helping musicians and artists achieve their highest creative vision.

After decades of thriving in the practical business world, my inner creative spark became ignited again. It was time to put my heart back into what I loved most. And in summer 2013, life came full circle. After decades away, I made a pivotal decision to come back to my roots and reclaim my original dream of the recording studio. Here, in the exact same location, I had begun decades earlier. Talk about the cycles of life!

This marked the birth of IMAGINE RECORDING STUDIOS. A bigger, brighter, broader, and more expansive vision than ever before.

Since the inception of this new dream – or dream reborn, every inch of the 4,000 sq ft facility has been remodeled, and completely outfitted with high-end, state-of-the-art, cutting edge recording and musical equipment. A new Team has come into place under the masterful Lead of Michael Rorick – one of the most precise and talented Recording Engineers in the area.

I have augmented the music realm with another one of my passions: Photography and Video productions. In the front of the building, I have created a high-end photography studio, complete with state-of-the-art cameras and video equipment; a wide spectrum of dazzling lighting; a green screen; and even fog to play in! The complete package.

Now artists can come and have all their creative needs answered in one place.

At our premier recording studio, we offer a warm comfortable space for artists and musicians to relax, and get their creative juices flowing. While being supported by a creative, caring Team with an enduring passion for music, and achieving the highest in human expression.

And now, landing back in present time… The dream that never ended has again become a reality. And the passion continues.

May you too follow your passions to the most inspiring place they will lead you….


If you can Imagine it… You can create it.


Sincerely Yours,

Chuck Anderson

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