Frank Grizanti

Who We Are and What We Do

Frank Grizanti


Audio Engineer, Arranger, Producer, Musician


Experience: 35 years analog and digital recording


Current Media: Pro Tools


Frank began honing his engineering skills in the early 70’s on a Tascam 3044 4 track recorder and since then he has progressed into the digital realm using Pro Tools as his go to system. Frank is an outstanding audio engineer but his immense musical skills add color and greatness to any project he is involved with.

He has engineered and produced many projects from simple stereo mixes to full blown multi track sessions, recording all styles of music from Americana, folk, rock, pop and rap. His musical sensibilities are an added benefit to any session.

As a producer, arranger and musician, Frank has also provided his talents in the studio to many Western NY groups including, Bass Reeves, Maria Sebastian, Tom Satori, Chris Krtanic, Pat Gordon, Jim White, Weekend and The BBC to name a few.

Frank is one of the most talented live and studio musicians in the Country and a member inducted (2) times in the “Buffalo Music Hall of Fame”…. Frank is also a recipient of the NAMMA music award.

If you’re a musician in Western New York…You probably have already have heard of Frank…

We are so fortunate to have him join the “Imagine” Team..

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