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Michael Rorick

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Biography and Discography


1972 –1977 Began studies in drums and percussion. Performed in School Band, Orchestra, District Band, District Orchestra.
1977 Began studies in guitar.

1978 – 1993 Performed in various musical acts.
1989 Began studies in recording and acoustics. Opened a small home studio to record personal projects.1993 Intership at Audio Magic and Select Sound Recording Studios. Opened Rock Central Music Productions as a business. Duties included Tech support, Assistant engineering, inventory and customer service.
1994 Staff Engineer and Assistant Audio Instructor. Freelance engineer to numerous facilities.
1995 Permanent Audio Instructor at Select Sound Recording Studios. College level courses accredited with Villa Maria and Buffalo State Colleges Duties included. Course design and execution, grading and coordination of internships with students.
1996 Studio Manager and Chief Engineer at Select Sound Studios. Duties included Studio Management, Sales, Marketing, Scheduling, Audio Engineering and Production.
2000 Partnered Rock Central Music with Audio Magic Recording Studios
2002 Built new mixing / mastering suite.
2003 Began offering Audio engineering courses. Expanded mixing suite to 5.1 surround mixing facility (first commercial facility in Buffalo)
2005 Became Adjunct Professor at S.U.N.Y. at Fredonia. Courses include: Music Practicums for Sophomores & Juniors.. and ProTools software systems for SRT and Music Business Majors.
2011 Became Adjunct Professor at S.U.N.Y at Fredonia for the Communications Dept. Courses include: Audio I, Audio for Media2012 Set up Home facility for Mixing and Mastering.
2014 Chief Engineer at Imagine Recording Studios and Strategic Audio Forensics.
2015 President and founder of Alive Without Limits LLC., Creating music designed for healing and reaching or human potential. Binual beats, isochronic tones and special tuning techniques to augment meditation, neurolinguistics, reiki and alternative healing modalities.

Record labels – Alert Records, Alleyway Records, Atlantic Records, Boxhead Records, Industrial Productions, Metal Blade, P22 Records, Warner Bros., Warped Records, Xemu RecordsNational

Recording Artists – Roles
Gary Mallaber (Bruce Springstein, Steve Miller Band, Van Morrison, various) – Engineer Vernon Reid (Living Color, various) – Engineer
Ani DiFranco – Assistant Engineer
John Jessel (Toto) – Engineer, Co – Writer, GuitarBilly Sheehan (Talas, Mr. Big, various) Executive Producer, Engineer
Materia Prima (Puerto Rico) – Engineer
Nino Planeta (Puerto Rico) – Engineer
Michael Zentner (Solo, various), Engineer, Mix 2nd Engineer
Geir Roennig (Norway) Engineer, Co-Writer, Guitar
Chet Catallo (Spiro Gyra, Chet Catallo and the Cats) , Assistant Engineer
Willie Nelson (John Anderson – “Willie Nelson’s Guitar”) Assistant Engineer
Jimmy White (2007 Breakthrough artist of the year) (2010 Best Male Artist of the year) (2010 Best Duo Group / Artist) (2011 Best Male Artist of the year) Production, Engineer, Guitar, Keyboards, ProgramSimple Plan – Engineer
Mike Caputy – Engineer
Jessie Galante – Live Capture Engineer
Omar Hakim – Mix 2nd Engineer
Simon Phillips -Mix 2nd Engineer
Jeff Berlin – Mix 2nd Engineer
Percy Jones – EngineerTony Levin – Mix 2nd Engineer
Robby Krieger – Mix 2nd Engineer
Dizzy Reed – Mix 2nd Engineer
Raging Slab – Engineer
The Scintas – Engineer
The Stone City Band – Engineer
Mary Stahl – Mix 2nd Engineer
Jeff Jarvis – Engineer
Bobby Militello – Engineer
Bobby Jones – Engineer
Jerry Livingston – Engineer
Kenny Hawkins – Engineer
MuMs – Engineer
Don Menza – Engineer
The Stone City Band – Engineer
Joseph Wooten – Engineer
Ken Kaufman / Adsongs – Engineer

Local / Regional Artists and Groups –
100 Proof Justice, 101 Straitjacket, 36 Hours, 50 Amp Fuse, A10 Pathway, Kelly Alexander, Anam Cara, Chuck Anderson, Lanny Anderson, Mari Anderson, Anjo Angels, Anthricite, A Potter’s Field, Aqua Maria, Axiom, Babik, The BBC, Marshall Badger, Steve Balesteri, B- Arthur, Beat Green, Bitter Root, Bittersweet, Joshua Bocanegra, Rick Bourque, Blue Fuzz, Jason Bravo, BreakerBox, Terry Buchwald, The Buffalo Chips, Joe Brucato, Burn, Burnt Coyote, Noa Bursie, By Autumn’s End, Lyn Cala, Catch Of The Day, C-Blaq, Cecroe, Scott Celani, Celebration, Cellar Racket, The Cheshire Cat, The Chris & Mark Experiment, Chunkpipe, Jack Civiletto, Tony Comer, The Common Kings, The Corrections, Crash Rooster, Creekbend, Creeping Jennie, Eric Crittenden, Melissa Croff, Crunchy Frog, Dark Morning, Ron Davis, Deathrattle, Deceptive Resolution, Down The Drain, Diesle, Tanya Diona, Jay Dref, Dragster, Edna Kee, Electric Bushmen, Elk, The Emersons, Ember, Eric Endres, Rob Falgiano, The Fated Grey, Filthy Eve, Finale, Fish’s Eddy, Flatbed, Formally Blind, From These Eyes, Garden Parkway, Doug Trigger Gaston, Michael Gayles, Kelly German, Ghangi Project, Girlpope, GOD’s Country, Gorilla Punch, Graphic Nature, Graffix420, Graveyard Rockers, Peter Gray, Shaina Gresser, Frank Grizanti, The Guild, The Grift, Half Hearted, Kevin Hall, The Hank Band, Mick Hayes, Here Come The Comets, Eric Heard, Greg Heider, The Hello Approach, Hip Hop Fanatics, Hit N Run, The Hit Scene, House Of Aske, The Hudsons, Nicole Illos, Mark Inneo, Invisible Choir, I Vampire, The John Henry Band, Johnnie Jackson, J.C. Thompson, Jelly Jar, Jettason, Jive Injection, Johnnie Revolting, Eric Johnson, Joshua’s Generation, JoyRyde, David Kane, Kama Sutra, Ken Kaufman, Edna Kee, Kiko, Kindred, King Pin, King Vanilla, John Kloberdanz, Caitlin Koch, Randi Konikoff, Korki & Lori, Randy Kunkle, Joelle Labert, Last Days Of Radio, LAW, The Light Club Band, Ron LoCurto, Ray Lorigo, Tom Lorentz, The Love Atoms, Shorty Love, Love Gas, Andy Mac, Machu Picchu, Drew Martin, Vince Mastrantonio, Mazurka, The McClurg Family Singers, Geno McManus, The Monks of Rope- a-Dope, Me & Bob, Greg Meckes, Metropolis, Justin Michael, Midnight Ghost Train, Milkrun, Rich Militello, Misdirected, Mobius, Jason Mohr, More Than Me, Kathy Moriarty, Tobin Mueller, Mystical Vibes, Navigator, The Need, The New Horizons, Nine Day Devotion, Numbers, Ellen Oakes, Bryant Oden, Orchestra Concepto Libre, The Osceola Trio, Oui73, Painted Pony, Park Edge, Patti Parks, The Pavers, Joe Pepper, Pineapple Johnson, The Pine Dogs, The Pinheads, Alison Pipitone, Planet Nine, Paradyme, Parkridge, Phonkbutt, Diana & Zoe Pittman, Prayers For Rain, Prose Of Con, Psycotic Prophet, Puma, Ransomville, Raven, Red Sky Fallen, Bass Reeves, Regime, Reni’, Rich Blend, R.I.P., Wendell Rivera, The Roadhouse Gypsies, The Roadrunners, Earl Roberson, Robi, Kevin Rochford, Royale, Pamela Ryder, Paul Safy, Tom Sartori, Tonight the Riot, Sawdawg, Saw Secret Seen, Scary Chicken, Scattered Flurries, Marc Scibilia, Maria Sebastian, Seven Day Faith, Sheffield Wednesdays, Shootin’ Lucy, Silf, Silo 6, Sleepaway, Rick Smith, Johnny Soul, Spastic Paralysis, Spicket, Spitfire Squadron, Keith Spurlock, Tom Stahl, Eric Starr, Vicky Stein, Street Scene, Sunday Sex Show, Jim Sutherland, Sweatin’ Like Nixon, Swingset Hands, Switch, Alyn Syms, Yannick Tessier, Them Jazzbeards, Kate Truslow, Tuna Melt, U.B. Choir, Uncle Frank’s Wallet, Urban Decay, Urban Sturgeon, USA Band, The Vanity Project, John VeLora, Vicious Circle, Jenny Waris, The Waz, Wee Folk, Weekend, Erin Sydney Welsh, Alyson Wiesel, Craig Wiggins, Colleen Williams, Teresa Williams, Mike Wolcox, The Worry Beads, Tommy Z, Adam Zadok, Kathy Zawadski, Leah Zicari, Zone,
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