The Mic Cabinet and Gear List

Our Collection of Microphones, Preamps, Amps and Video Equipment. Check back as it continues to grow.


Neumann model M149 tube system
(2) Rode model NTK tube mics
(1) Miktek CV3 Large Diaphragm Tube Mic
(4) AKG model C214 mics
(1) AKG model C414 XLS mic
(4) Sennheiser model 421s mics
(1) Rode model NT1-A condenser mic
(2) Shure beta 87A mics
(2) Audio Technica condenser microphones
(1) Audio Technica AT4033A/SM mic
(2) Rode shotgun mics
(13) piece Audix drum mic system
(1) Shure KSM32 mic
(1) Blue Blueberry mic
(2) AKG C 451-B mics
(1) AKG C 451-E mic
(1) AKG C 60
(2) EV RE-200 mics
(2) EV N/D 468 mics
(1) EV N/D 478 mic
(2) Joe Meek JM 27 mics
(1) SuperLux S 241 mic
(1) Sennheiser E609 mic
(1) Sennheiser MD 402-U mic
(1) Audix D5 mic
(1) Beyer Dynamic M420 mic
(1) Beyer Dynamic MPC 65-V mic
(3) Shure SM-57 mics
(1) Stedman N90 mic
(1) MXL 990 mic
(1) MXL V67 mic
(1) Cascade Fathead Ribbon mic
(2) SoundKing SKEA 002W mics
(1) SoundKing SKEA C 011W mic


(1) Neve Portico
(2) Focusrite model ISA828
(2) Avalon 737’s
(1) Universal Audio UA610


Fender Bassman
1986 Marshall JCM800
Peavey JSX
1968 Fender Super
Vox AD30VT Modeling Amp
Vintage Fender Bassman 50
Ampex BA 115 Bass amp
Acoustic AG 60 Amp
   Fender 212 R
Side Kick Reverb 25
Peavy “Rage” 158


Baldwin Model “L”  6’2” Grand piano with “Midi”
Roland Profit 8 Keyboard
Yamaha MOXF 8 Keyboard
Full DW studio kit with Zildjian Cymbals
LP congas…. Shakers misc hand percussion and more


Nikon D3X High Res DSLR
Nikon D3 High Res DSLR
Nikon D4 High Res DSLR with Video capabilities
Canon EOS D5 Mark 3 DSLR with Video capabilities
With full complement of Prime, wide and telephoto lenses


Canon C100 Cinema camera with Ninja Blade
(2) Canon XF-300 High Definition Video Cameras
Overhead LCD stage lighting with portable side lights
(4) LED fully dimmable light panels from 500 to 1000 watt models
(8) ceiling mounted LED fully controllable stage lights
Full assortment of Studio Strobes
Soft light boxes and reflectors
Remote camera controls
Full motion Manfrotto Video Camera Crane system
(2) Sachtler High end fluid head tripods
Full selection of shotgun and wireless mics
Full Stage Curtain (Black)
12’x24′ Green screen
 Full assortment of “roll down” backgrounds
(4) Fog machines
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