The Imagine Vision…

At Imagine Recording Studios, we provide the works: world-class equipment, a superb team of professionals, multi-media packages, and the perfect atmosphere for you to bring your creative vision into reality.

We are a team of exceptional, highly-experienced Producers, Musicians, and Engineers, that live and breathe creativity. We live by our motto: “If you can imagine it, you can create it.” At Imagine Recording Studios, we provide all you need to achieve your highest artistic vision.

Our Mission is that you are completely in love with your finished product.


What We Bring To You:

Our Team

We are an experienced team of high-caliber Sound Engineers, Producers, and Creative Powerhouses. Founder Chuck Anderson brings three decades of experience in the world of music and recording. We have access to stellar Musicians and Vocalists that can add their remarkable talents to your project. Our Team brings years of professional engineering experience and precision. We know what you need to turn your project into musical art. Our Imagine staff has the right combination of skills + synergy that will save you many hours of studio time, and create a polished finished product of the highest standard. We strive only for excellence.


World-Class Equipment

We offer the most cutting-edge, advanced technology in the industry. A High Tech Slate Raven MTX Console operating on ProTools 11 DAW, with the latest HDX I/O’s. In-house amps from Fender, Ampex, Marshall, Vox, Acoustic & Peavey. A stellar collection of microphones from the esteemed Neumann M149, all the way to our Miktek, AKG’s, Rodes, Sennheiser’s, and others. Our in-house selection of instruments include: Baldwin Model “L” 6’2” Grand Piano with Midi, Yamaha and Roland keyboards, a full set of DP recording series drums complete with Zildjians, congas and percussions.

Our expertise expands beyond music production, to include a high-end Photography & Video Studio. Our photo and video repertoire includes: spectacular cinematic film cameras, high definition video cameras, an in-house camera crane system, DJI Ronin 3 axis video stabilization system, and even a DJI Pro 3 drone with a 4K video camera. In our Video Studio we have a full selection of conventional and LED panel lighting systems, rail-mounted LED stage lighting, full stage curtains, 12’ x 24’ Green Screen, multiple fog machines, portable colored LED spots and a full compliment of Nikon and Canon pro DSLR cameras and lenses.

Think: Spectacular!


Superior Sound Precision

Imagine Recording Studio uses multiple fully adjustable cue systems that delivers the precise blend of instruments or vocals that you, the Performer, can clearly hear during the tracking process. We understand as Artists that our productivity flows best when we can clearly hear what we are playing or singing– our cue system accomplishes just that. Our comfortable and acoustically controlled vocal booths are ideal for vocal isolation, or can also be used for instrument isolation and full control of your tracks. Our flawless sound precision will show in your results.


Comfortable and Inspiring Space

Imagine Recording Studios has a comfortable lounge where you can relax between recording, have a bite to eat, or take a moment to re-set. We have a photo-video room with ambient colored lighting, to set your creativity aflame. Get into your zone!


Multi-Media Production

At Imagine Recording Studios, we offer the complete package. Beyond recording, engineering, and music production, we also provide high-tech Video and Photography services, to help you share your musical expression with the greater world. Let’s shoot a cutting-edge music video to post on your Youtube channel. Or create some raw video footage of you in the recording booth. Or how about an alluring photo session with colored flashing lights and fog, to share with your Facebook fans. Let’s share your art with the world.


Connection to the Greater Music Community

Everyone on the Imagine Team has been immersed in the local music scene, whether it is performing, or working behind-the-scenes. We are tapped into the abundant wealth of talent that exists within the WNY musical scene. Just imagine, for instance, you have written amazing lyrics to a song that needs to be heard…. but you’re not a musician. No problem. The first thing you need is a Producer. Imagine Studios has access to Producers that will arrange the proper direction and talent for your musical piece, at reasonable rates. Once the basic tracks are laid down and it’s time for you to “sing”—we can then add your vocals to the beautifully created music tracks. Or, if you are more of a writer than a singer—no problem again! We have a database of outstanding Lead and Backup vocals to enhance your song. One of the most important things at Imagine Studios are our Engineers. Their musical talents will save you hours of time and money, as they guide you on your journey from recording, editing, mixing, mastering…. all the way to the completion of your dream. Together, we make dreams happen.


Reasonable Rates & Flexible Packages

We will work with you to optimize your production time in the studio, and create a package that brings

you the most bang for your budget. Let’s discuss your project.


“If you can Imagine it…You can create It”
Let’s get started.
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